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How To Make Your Man Happy & Contented

How To Make Your Man Happy & Contented

Growing up, we were brought up in a world where a man courts a woman by showering her with gifts, serenading her under the moonlight and showing her continuous devotion in order to get that “YES!”. And after the guy gets the girl, the lights dim, the music fades and a huge “And they lived happily ever after…” is plastered on the screen. But the question is how do we do it? How can we ensure that we live a happy married life?

A happy marriage requires hard work, where two people share things equally. We often hear the words “Happy wife, happy life…” but don’t you think “happy spouse, happy house” is better? So ladies, it’s time for us to reciprocate the love.

We’ve rounded up 8 ways on how to make your man happy and contented with your married life.

  1.       Compliment and Appreciate

More often than not, women are more accustomed to receiving compliments but that doesn’t mean that men don’t need it. They also put time and effort to look good and attractive for the person that they love.

Compliment him on his new shirt and perfume or if his donning a new haircut – just tell him that he looks great and you’ll see that his eyes will twinkle, and a huge smile will be beaming on his face the whole day. Everyone needs a confidence booster, and nothing beats receiving it from someone you truly value.

Apart from giving compliments, it would also be great to appreciate and thank him for all the stuff that he does for you and your family. Thank him for his commitment with his work to provide for you. Or if he’s homebased, thank him for keeping the house in order and for taking care of your kids. You can also give him a unique gift that he can use to show your appreciation. A simple thank you goes a long way.

  1.       Prepare and Cook his favorite food

We often hear the saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and surely it is. Nothing beats going home after a long and exhausting day to a hearty meal prepared with love. It’s like a surprise gift that he’ll often look forward to.

Get those pans out and learn to cook his favorite meals. Scour online for the best recipes and even reinvent it to add your own personal signature.

TIP: If possible, ask his mom for the recipe and techniques on how she prepares his favorite meals, he’ll love you for it! It’s like a hack on getting the recipe right just like how he wants it. Plus you get to spend time with your in laws and bond over cooking for their favorite son. Hitting two birds with one stone, right?

  1.       Learn his hobbies

Is he a gamer? Does he love creating art? Is he a passionate cook? Or is he a fitness buff? Whatever his hobby is, take some time to learn and understand it and he would love you ten times for doing so. Nothing beats seeing your significant other share the same passions as you do.

So, if he’s a gamer, go get that other controller and play a game with him. If he loves to create art, go and ask him to teach you how and even recreate a sizzling hot Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze’s pottery moment from the movie, Ghost. No matter what it is, learn it because in married life sharing your passion for something with your spouse can be such a unique gift to give to your relationship.

  1.       Be his Personal Cheerleader

Do you remember the days when you sit at the sidelines of the court cheering your heart out for your favorite player? Rooting for him every step of the way because you believe in him and what he does – this is what he needs, for you to be his own personal cheerleader.

There would be times when we become so comfortable having each other that we tend to forget to be excited for the milestones of our partner. Everybody needs a little cheer, and who best to give it than someone who is very special to him.

Does he have an upcoming presentation? Let him know that you believe in him! You can also put simple notes of inspiration in his packed lunch to surprise him.

Did he sign up for a marathon? Go with him and show your support just by being there in the zone and eagerly waiting for him at the finish line with your arms wide open.

No matter how you show that you’re cheering for your man, the most important thing is that you believe in him and to celebrate his wins together. You’ll be surprised on how positive this is for your husband and would eventually lead to a happy marriage.

  1.       Respect his Alone Time

Why does he need an alone time if he has me?

This is a common question for a lot of couples but having an alone time has its benefits. Solitude can help you build your mental strength. It’s an opportunity to discover yourself and enhances the quality of your relationship with others.

So, when he asks for his alone time, respect it and give it to him. Check on him occasionally but don’t go overboard by sending him hundreds of texts and voicemails- trust him. Sometimes he just needs to do a reset or a pause. He’ll be happier and mentally healthier which would do great things for your married life.

  1.       Communicate and Be Present

An essential part of any relationship is communication. It’s a simple thing but is often ignored. Whenever I ask around about the secret to a happy marriage, about 80% of married couples would always highlight communication.

Always keep your communication open. If there’s anything that has been bothering you, instead of holding on to those emotions and bottling it up, tell your man about it. Remember, they are not mind readers so as much as you want them to immediately understand the “subtle hints” that you’re emanating… most of the time they won’t. So, speak up and communicate.

And while we are on this topic about communication, don’t forget to put your phone down. The world is already busy as it is and there will always be constant distractions. Allot some time within the day to put down your phones and just be present. Talk and make eye contact. Because sometimes just seeing you by his side, listening and just being present means the world to him.

  1.       Enjoy the Little Things

They say married life can be boring, but I believe it wouldn’t if you learn to enjoy the little things with your husband.

Play some pranks on your man, tell him jokes that only you can understand. You can also learn a new hobby together. Make him smile by tagging him on memes that you know he’ll love. Flirt with him like how you did before and even send him sexy pictures when he least expects it - that’s a unique gift he won’t even think of receiving.

Sometimes the key to a happy marriage are the simplest things but if you want to top it up a notch, you can always try a new adventure together. Go explore new places and new cultures. I bet there’s a hundred things that you’ve been longing to do as a kid, it’s just that this time you’ll be doing it with him.

  1.       Surprise Him with Gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts? How much more if it’s a surprise? Receiving a surprise gift will multiply his happiness meter tenfold but of course, the execution of the surprise for your unique gift matters. 

Check for signals. Observe his behavior for the item that he’s longing for because if there’s something that he truly wants, he will unconsciously mention it every day. Purchase it and prepare for the big reveal of your surprise gift and wait till you see his eyes glisten and be giddy with his new toy!

It’s not about the money, but it’s all about the sense of fulfillment seeing your man happy. Your surprise gift will make him love you even more. 

There’s a million ways to make your man happy and content. It can vary person to person and can depend on culture, beliefs and race. There will be times when it’ll get hard as arguments and disagreements come but at the end of the day the only secret to a happy marriage is loving each other selflessly. No buts, no ifs, no whys, just pure love.

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