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5 Ways to Support Friends Who Postponed Their Weddings

5 Ways to Support Friends Who Postponed Their Weddings

June has always been known as the wedding season. With weddings happening every hour, it’s definitely the busiest month to get married.

As girls, we grew up day dreaming of how our fairy tale wedding will be. We’ve been giggling at the thought that one day, we will be the perfect June bride. 

Will I get to wear a puffy wedding dress with a trail that is spanning meters long? 

Or will my wedding be set in a beautiful garden lit by the golden sun? 

What type of wedding gifts will I receive?

The list is endless.

And by the time that your husband-to-be “puts a ring on it,” you’ll feel the nostalgia of the days when you were that little girl envisioning her wedding day.

Planning a wedding is not easy. It’s one of the biggest events of your life and one of the best gifts you can give your husband.

We travel countless miles scouting for the perfect venue. Checking every detail from the view up to the food to ensure that our guests would enjoy the ambience.

We spend numerous hours scouring pinterest for the perfect wedding theme, the prettiest dress, the sleekest suit, the best wedding gifts ideas for your registry, and the grandest wedding rings.

Time, energy and money dedicated all for this single day. 

But with the current state of the world, weddings are currently on pause. 

As the coronavirus pandemic continuously threatens our lives, the government has encouraged everyone to stay at home. CDC regulations and guidelines are put in place. And all mass gatherings are also prohibited.

The June wedding that you have endlessly prepared for is now postponed.

I can’t imagine the stress and emotions that brides are feeling at this moment. 

How hard it is to pick up that phone and inform everyone that you’ll be postponing the wedding.

And how painful it must have been to see all the wedding plans that you’ve made to crumble.

She definitely needs a friend right now.

As her best friend, you might be wondering “How can I help?” Postponing a wedding can really take a toll on anyone, and as her confidante you may feel a bit unsure on how to comfort her in these trying times.

Here are 5 ways on how to support your friends who just postponed their wedding:

1. Say Hi!

It may sound simple, but this simple gesture would mean a lot to your friend. That two letter word has the power to make her feel valued and remembered. 

It also gives her a chance to open up on everything that she’s going through - all the worries, the fears and the emotions that she’s feeling.

It’s also a great time to reconnect and make her feel that you’re here, you always were.

To make it more effective, it would also be great if you can set up a video call. During these times, nothing feels so much better than a face to face conversation but for now we can settle for a virtual date.

2. Just Listen

Lend her your ear as she releases all her stress and frustrations. Having someone whom they trust to listen to them is the best gift you can give them at this moment.

Be reassuring but don’t just say “It’s going to be okay.” They have a million things in their mind and we can never know how they exactly feel. Saying that won’t help them feel better.

Instead, try saying “I wish it was different, and I’m here for you.”

Don’t give out unsolicited advice unless the couple seeks for it. The last thing that they want is to feel judged on their choices. Listen and focus on them.

3. Extend a helping hand

Postponing a wedding can be as tedious as planning it. So would be great if you can ask them to help out.

You can assist them by contacting their guests and informing them about the change in plans. You can also help out in calling the suppliers and matching their available date for the reschedule. 

The key here would be to work hand in hand with the couple. Let them know that you’re available and see if there’s anything you can help with. They might not be vocal, but they need all the help that they can get to get through this.

4. Send her a surprise gift on their planned day

As the original wedding date approaches, getting through it would be the biggest challenge. Knowing that you were supposed to have “the best day of your lives' ' on that date can bring about emotions that have been suppressed.

If you’re near the area, visit her place and drop off her favorite cake or even flowers just to lift her up.

You can also give her surprise gifts such as notes and keepsakes to make them feel loved and remind them that you’re here for them no matter where you are in the world.

5. Don’t forget the groom

More often than not we tend to forget about the groom. Always remember that they are the other half of the equation so make sure that you also check up on them. They might not show it, but they are just as sad and disappointed as the bride. 

Ask him if he’s ok and assure him that you’ll be there for them.

These are just some of the hundreds of ways you can show your support to your friends who have recently postponed the wedding.

Times may be tough for now, but we’ll eventually get through this.

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