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15 Reasons why we need to appreciate Dads everyday

15 Reasons why we need to appreciate Dads everyday

15 Reasons why we need to appreciate Dads everyday and especially on Fathers day.

Do you have any plans on how to make Father’s day a big surprise? Shopping for dads is a good start. Due to the pandemic we are facing, luckily we have online stores to rely on. Do you know his favorite brand? What is the main thing he usually uses?

It is such an excitement thinking about what to give to our heroic dad. On Father’s day, this is the best time to give thanks and praise to all the things our dad has given us. His unending love for us is what makes us a better human. Father’s day is celebrated around the world. No matter if you are a single mom, a bisexual, a gay, no one has the right to judge your love and care towards your child. He is every kids’ dream superhero and I believe that he deserves to be honored for being a responsible head of the family, a loving husband, and protector.

What are the things that we should appreciate that our father do for us? There are many reasons why we should thank our loving father. Let’s talk about it.

Bounty fridge

No problem whenever we are pigging out even though it is six times a day the family eats! The fridge and the shelves are jam-packed with food supplies ranging from the basic needs and our favorite snacks. No hungry mouth will be left unattended.

Best friends for Life

Life sucks sometimes or worst every day! Let’s face it, we needed friends whom we can trust and rely on. There is no safest shoulder to cry on than those shoulders of our dad plus the hints on how to cope up with our problems. He is ready to listen to us and cheer us whenever we are feeling blue or just celebrating small winnings.

Best ever Chief!

Men mostly are the best when it comes to cooking. When you look at the internet and tv shows mostly you will see that the chief are men. Well, it really justifies the saying “ The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” Men knows how to perfect those foods’ taste because they are the number one critic in the kitchen whenever mom is cooking. He is such a blessing for the family!

Being our bodyguard

Do you remember your elementary or nursery days? We needed chaperon or else we can not be permitted to join the trip if parents will not join us. He always wanted to be the one who will join the trip. Some of you will not agree but most kids prefer their dad should be their chaperone than their moms. It is because he is number one when it comes to spoiling kids! He can be one of the kids but when their child is in danger you will see how he becomes a dinosaur especially when their kids’ safety is threatened. 

Decent School

Education is our key to success and it is a factor to what kind of school we are attending. It is one of the things that we should appreciate with our dad. He works very hard and never gives up no matter how unpleasant he is experiencing at work. He prepares the future of his kids and aiming only the best for them. He will do everything that he can so we can study at a university.

Good Shelter

We should appreciate it too that we are living in a comfortable and cozy house. Some dads are working overseas and they are enduring homesickness so they can provide a better life for us. 

Undying Love 

He is willing to sacrifice his own life just to save his family. If there are sudden accidents that result in serious injuries like organs or blood transfer, he is willing to give his own just to save us.

Make you laugh

Life is full of ups and downs. We always have those dramas around. If we are feeling under the weather he is the number one joker who will bring out those crescent moon smiles draw to your face. Truth is if he saw how down you are, he is hurt more than you because all he wishes is our happiness only.

He is prepared for any parenting challenge

He is always ready for any challenges and that’s including putting that full-blown braids to his daughter or play that skateboard with his sons. He is very much focusing on your happiness and he is willing to do extra mile things for you.

Playing with you

So you are into resident evil games? Even though it will scare him to death to play this if that means having a lovely bonding with you then he is your guy! Tea party and magical fairies with your dolls? Oh, he will never let you down even though it means he should wear those tiaras and play princess for you!

Supporting your dream

You are building an empire and all of your friends are against, or worst don’t believe in your capabilities. Your dad is your number one friend who will always believe in you from the blueprint of your dream until you are interviewing live televised from a well-known television network because of the success of your company. He is willing to take your hand and help you build that dream of yours. He will support you all the way.

Lovingly adopt every pet animals you drag at home

Those animals no matter they have breed or not as long it made you happy he wouldn’t mind his allergies from those furs!

Buys everything

You love that piano but you realize there are things more important to buy than that piano plus you know you can not afford to buy it. Be ready for a surprise because if your father founds out about it, he will do everything he can even though it means he will work more late nights just so you have that piano. He is willing to sacrifice just to have the happiness you deserve.

Making you a better version of him

Thank him for bringing a good human being as you are now. His life before he has you is full of chaos, failure, and suffering. He learned from this and knows how he can mold you into a better version of himself.

Calling and texting if you are okay

Thank your dad for doing these things for you. It might get into your nerves sometimes but there are other people who wish they still receive this kind of love. You are lucky you still have your father. There are those who are longing and wishing their father is still with them.

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