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10 Reasons of Why Love is Sweeter the 2nd Time Around

10 Reasons of Why Love is Sweeter the 2nd Time Around

Why do you want to marry that guy? You love him. Yes, this is majority the answer when you asked every girl who is floating on clouds because of their fiance has finally bumped their head on the rock upon the realization they want to spend a lifetime with the girl of their dreams. Well, marriage is full of ramble-scramble. It is not always rainbows and unicorns.

The perfect relationship doesn’t exist. Married life is about give and take. Couples should learn how to adjust their personalities, attitudes, and emotions towards one another or there will be misunderstandings. When making decisions, both should be in agreement. It is like a government law. Decisions at home were more like a government law. If you do not get the vote of the majority, then the law will not pass. Well, the difference at home is, the majority of the household the wife is the lawmaker! When you signed that marriage contract be ready to face a rocky journey of the world of the married couple. You should accept the fact that there will be a lot of arguments as small as buying that brassier that you like! Imperfections of both individuals will make married life more meaningful. It takes imperfections to see the real beauty of relationships because you will both see how strong your love from one another. 

Imperfections sometimes resulted in divorces and annulments. It happens because of unsettled misunderstandings of couples. Sometimes couples who undergo divorce just really need time to think about things. The sweetest part of this time and distance is a second chance for their love. Love is the sweetest the second time around indeed!

  • You miss her scent.
  • Like a newly wedded couple again, It is the scent that you really missed the most. The time you spent with each other is undeniably the reason why you never forget how sweet her scent or his scent is. No matter how sweaty he is there is this unexplained feeling that when you smell that particular scent there is this little excitement or longing that you are feeling deep inside your heart. Since you too just got back with each other’s arm for the second time around, there will be a lot of hugging, and cozying up will happen. 

  • The Cooking Beast!
  • Well, you can not deny that he is the best cook ever! You will never forget about how great his cooking techniques is even though it is just a plain scrambled egg. You learn to appreciate the littlest things that he will do for you and you as a wife will equal the things he does for you. You do not know totally how to cook rice even if you are using the rice cooker! But alas! You will cook that rice and attempt to do it manually because you really wanted to impress your man.

  • Movie time with a little circus under the sheet
  • Now both of you settled what type of dinner you will be cooking at last and now you are into snacking already even if it is just 30 minutes have passed when you finished that dinner. You two now are watching your favorite movie with matching wines (or tequila perhaps?) with both of you glued with each other’s arms! As those alcohol do their little devilish work to your body, you will feel a little tippy. Your body now reacts to it making you feel so hot that you two are now doing a special bond under the sheet. You will both fill those empty times and cherish this magic moment happening now under the sheet. A moment of the incredible romance of two different people into one union now.

  • Jealousy will look cuter than ever
  • Unlike when you two are just starting out, little jealousy is getting into your nerves. Jealousy will now look like the sweetest feeling your partner is showing. You laugh because there is nothing to be jealous of! He is yours now and you are his. Jealousy is more like a form of strong love now than a problem you two both need to figure out how to solve. She gets jealous of that woman she thinks gorgeous and straightly looking at you even though in reality that woman is just blind. You are looking this kind of behavior of hers cuter than just a pain in the ass! You will think that she just does not want to lose you again.

  • A deep appreciation of both party
  • You have been drifted apart but now back together. Just like a newlywed couple, you are unbreakable. You both have learned your mistakes from the past, accept the faults you both have done, and fully accepted those. You both now have a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other

  • Changing the lamp isn’t an issue anymore!
  • You both now know what triggers the bad mood and get over it. Simple argumentations will be lessened or there will be none anymore because you wanted to fill those lost years, months, or seconds you are not with each other’s arms! If she wanted to change those lamps then so be it! No debates will happen. She wins! Life is more simple now and quieter in the house.

  • Openness is much easier now
  • Things that felt off-limits in the discussion are now totally fine to talk about. You can happily talk about it without ending in a fight. Trust and honesty are built. There will never be another war inside the house.

  • No expectations
  • Because you two now have a better understanding of each other, there will be lesser expectations with what both of you are doing. Whether it is how you handle your finances, groceries, or schools you want your kids to go into, trust is strengthened. 

  • Differences are finally settled 
  • Perfect love is not perfect without any fight. Because of those fights you know what works or not. You have a deep understanding of the mood or the personality you two didn’t found when you are under puppy love.

  •  Make unicorns exist!
  • You two really missed each other. You wanted to make every morning more different than yesterday. You have the excitement about what to give to him/her. You always await when he or she opens her eyes because of the surprises you have prepared. You suddenly check on with her friends or relatives what are her favorites or places she did not visit yet. There you are, planning your next family trip for the next few months because you know he or she will be in total happiness the moment she found out!


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